Slovenska hiša
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Slovenska hiša - Figovec

A traditional yet modern Slovenian restaurant offering numerous dishes that remind us of our childhood. From cold cuts, sausages, liver, pan-fried mashed potatoes and turnip with pork rinds to šmorn (shredded pancake or Kaiserschmarrn), cream slices, štruklji and certified genuine Prekmurska gibanica (a layer cake from the Prekmurje region of NE Slovenia). Although located in the city centre, it is slightly removed from the urban bustle, almost hidden. Even more hidden away is Figovec’s secret garden, where you can listen to live music on warm evenings.

Slovenska hiša - Figovec
Opening hours

Mon-Thu 8.00-23.00,
Fri-Sat 8.00-1.00,
Sun 9.00-00.00

Bookings Telephone: +386 1 426 44 10