Pivnica Lajbah
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Güjžina is the first Prekmurian restaurant in Ljubljana and offers a little piece of Prekmurje in the capital. The menu consists of the typical specialities of this north-eastern region and includes everything from Prekmurje ham and “meat from the lard barrel” to bograč (a kind of stew including at least three types of meat) and bujta repa (a hotpot made with pork, pickled turnip and millet), dödöli (a form of potato dumplings) and buckwheat porridge, to salad dressed with the finest pumpkin-seed oil and, of course, the region’s famous prekmurska gibanica or layer cake.

Opening hours

Every day 08.00-23.00

Bookings Telephone: +386 (0)83 806 446
E-mail: info@prekmurska-gostilna.si