Mojmir Šiftar
Izidor Kržišnik
Gourmet experiences

Peter Kovač

The head chef at Maxim, one of Ljubljana’s most elite gastronomic institutions, trained for several years with top Slovene chef Andrej Kuhar. His cooking, which is inspired by French haute cuisine, combines respect for top-quality local ingredients with an emphasis on genuine flavours while incorporating prestigious delicacies from around the world.
Peter Kovač
Dvor Jezeršek

Luka Jezeršek

A chef who has been involved practically since birth in his family’s catering business, where fine...

Gostilna Mihovec

Mojca Trnovec

The chef of Gostilna Mihovec in Zgornje Pirniče says of herself that as the inheritor of the family...


Izidor Kržišnik

A young chef who trained with Igor Jagodic, Bine Volčič and Mauro Colagreco before taking the ...


Mojmir Šiftar

Named Young Talent 2019 by Gault & Millau Slovenia, he discovered his passion for cooking while ...

Monstera Bistro

Bine Volčič

Classically trained in French cuisine, he is a chef who cooks boldly and loves to explore new ...


Jakob Pintar

A promising chef who in 2019 reached the final of the prestigious S.Pellegrino Young Chef ...


Jorg Zupan

A member of the younger generation of top Slovenian chefs who honed his skills with master chefs in ...

Gostišče Grič

Luka Košir

One of the most creative and interesting young Slovenian chefs working today, he draws his ...

Restavracija Strelec

Igor Jagodic

The chef of one of Ljubljana’s most prestigious restaurants and chef of the year 2019 according to...

JB restavracija

Janez Bratovž

The head chef of one of the most important gourmet institutions in Slovenia is defined by his ...